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Bruce Lee's Street Self-Defense Training at Real World Mixed Martial Arts in downtown Fowlerville

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Noonan Independent Martial Arts is now providing instruction in Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts at REAL WORLD Mixed Martial Arts in the downtown Fowlerville, MI.

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area. This site is designed to give you information about our facility, our style of martial arts, our staff and provide you with information on how to contact us as well.

Bruce Lee and his art of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Between 1964 and 1973,Bruce Lee,with the assistance of Dan Inosanto, dissected every fighting art that the two could discover. Out of several hundred systems, Lee selected elements from 26 styles to form the foundation of Jeet Kune Do. On the average, five-to-ten percent of any of the 26 arts was utilized in JKD; in certain cases, just training methods or combat theory was used.

Dan Inosanto, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts

Of the many highly-skilled students that Bruce Lee taught during his lifetime, only three ever qualified to teach Jeet Kune Do - James Lee[deceased], Taky Kimura, and Dan Inosanto. Upon his departure into films, Lee selected Mr. Inosanto as his spokesperson to ensure the advancement of his system. Mr. Inosanto is a researcher, something shared by both men and which was critical to the continuance of the system.

After Bruce Lee's death in 1973, Mr. Inosanto, Bruce's protege, continued to cultivate and refine the original process by which he and Bruce developed Jeet Kune Do. This process is not static; it is dynamic in nature and continues to evolve, as was Bruce's intention. Dan's contribution greatly improved JKD's efficiency. This fact is agreed upon by anyone who takes the time to objectively compare the differences.

Paul Vunak, Jeet Kune Do and Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T. System)

Paul Vunak started training under Dan Inosanto around 1975. At that time he had black belts in Kempo Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Since then he has become one of a handful of full-instructors world wide certified to teach the science and concepts of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts under Dan Inosanto.Paul Vunak is the President and Founder of Progressive Fighting Systems.

There is so much contained within both of these systems that it could take an entire lifetime to experience it all. It has been Paul's personal goal to put the most functional aspects of JKD into a format that can be easily absorbed by the average individual. Paul originally developed this program for our East Coast Navy Seals. (They have so little time to allocate to martial arts, he was forced to streamline the most important elements into a formula that could be learned very quickly.) Subsequently, he discovered that many other government agencies have enjoyed this program as well. Paul is currently working with the D.E.A., F.B.I., and over 50 police departments throughout the country.

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John Noonan, Jeet Kune Do and Independent Martial Arts

Mr. Noonan began studying and practicing boxing and weight training as a young teenager. At the age of 18 years, he began studying on and off separately with two different black belt martial artists. Each martial artist was studying and practicing JKD on their own from seminars and books by Dan Inosanto and Larry Hartsell.With their help, John studied and practiced JKD the best he could. At the age of 23 years, John went to his first Inosanto/Hartsell seminar which changed his thinking of the martial arts. He also met and began training under one of Dan's instructors who lived in Michigan. He then around 1988 met and started training under Dave Hatch, who is now a full-instructor in Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts under Dan Inosanto. John trained under Dave and Linda Hatch on and off until around 1998. It was during this time, John met Shawn Katzman and he and Shawn have been training together on and off ever since. They also tested together under Mr. Vunak. In April, 2002, John tested and was certified under Paul Vunak to teach the Science and Concepts of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts. John is also studying other systems including Brazilian Jiu-Jitso, Muay Thai, and Silat. John Noonan is President and Founder of Independent Martial Arts.

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